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American Charity Centerís proprietary Car Donation Program® and Kids Cars Program® has a team of experienced and dedicated volunteers who work hard to increase the value of your car, motorhome, RV, boat or real estate donation, by providing the highest quality IRS approved significant material improvements when applicable.

Our Donate a Car Program® is completely free of any cost to the donor and your donation provides valuable job training skills to those less fortunate to return to the work force.

When we perform IRS compliant significant material improvements to your donation, you will obtain the highest tax deduction possible by law and more important your favorite charity receives much needed funds.

Our Car Donation Program® and Kids Cars Program® are completely free of any cost to the donor and your donation provides those less fortunate with hope. Help make a wish come true and donate your car today. American Charity Centerís Car Donation Program® and Kids Cars Program® incorporate current technology and experience to attain the highest tax deduction for your donation.

You can donate a car, RV, travel trailer, real estate. You can donate any titled asset benefiting the charity of choice.

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Donate a Car to Charity

Important Notice: Donít risk your familyís hard earned assets.

Have you thought about selling your car, boat, RV, motorhome or travel trailer? It is extremely important that you understand that you could be liable for future liability the new owner may have with your vehicle, you may be liable for several years after the sale, there is no such thing as an AS-IS sale. Donate your vehicle to the charity of your choice, we assume all liability and responsibility concerning your donation. You and your favorite charity are 100% protected against any possible liability.



Certification of Recognitions
  • American Charity Center Inc. funded and developed "Donate a Car Program". The mission of this Program is to get more funds for your favorite charity and the highest tax deduction possible for you, the donor. Your car donation will benefit your favorite charity.
  • How it is "Donate a Car Program" better than any other car donation? American Charity Center is compromised with the best Charities of America, to enhance the value of your donations. Our extra efforts subsequently, will bring a higher profit for the charity at the time of sale. This extra work that we put into the car donations, is completely free to the donor. At the end of the process not only the charity is benefited greatly, but the donor gets a great tax deduction; that will represent in less money to pay at the time of taxes.
  • American Charity Center handles all the car donation process from the beginning to end. Our easy "Donate a Car Program", takes care of all for you. You can't find the title of your vehicle? Is Ok. We have a department that handles all DMV issues. We provide free towing for your car; we pick up your vehicle at the most convenient time for you. Donate a Car Program is made for an easy car donation process.
  • You can donate car, boat, motorhome, RV, travel trailer, real estate to your favorite charity and receive the maximum legal tax deduction.
  • Make your car donation to a trusted charity. Feel free to check our charity list, you can choose from our supported charities or you can support any other non profit organization. Our Donate a Car Program supports the best charities in the world. We are proud to know that our efforts combined with you is helping many people in disadvantage or having hard times.
  • A charity can be that light at the end of the tunnel for many people. The charities depend on the kindness of people willing to share their blessings. They need funds to run and do their vital work focused to improve the living conditions or difficult situations of people in disadvantage. Your car donation can support battered women, orphanages, food banks, medical aid, veterans that after risking their life for the country many of them are in total poverty. Donate your car to charity, and support a noble cause for a better living of many. You can make donation of your vehicle, boat, RV, travel trailer, car to your favorite nonprofit organization. Donate cars for kids, to the elderly, to medical research or medical aid.
  • When you donate a car, boat, RV, travel trailer or any vehicle to your favorite trusted charity, you are helping someone. Your car donation will go a long ways to improve the quality conditions of many people, making their life better. By donating a boat, RV, travel trailer or any vehicle you are turning on hope in someoneís life. Unfortunately in the world there are many people in need of food, shelter, support; lacking to fulfill the first needs of a human being. Donate a car and help the most needed.
  • Our car donation center provides the best service for car donations, fast, easy and with no hassle. We pick up your car, RV, boat, travel trailer at no cost to the donor. We provide nationwide service. Your car donation can really help. There are no hidden charges of any kind; all the service we provide is free. There is absolutely no charge for pickup vehicle donations. Support the charity of your choice today.
  • If your car donation is special we will provide you with a free professional appraisal. The appraisal will give you an estimate of what you will obtain for your tax deduction. Call our toll free number now and talk to one of our courteous operators who are on duty 7 days a week, 1.888.330.9085. Complete our Online Car Donation Form. It only takes a few minutes! We will be contacting you soon.
  • Feel good with yourself by sharing the blessings you have. By making a car donation you are taking part in helping someone to have a better life.

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